Thursday, May 21, 2009

Well, all my plants survived the near-frost of a few days ago.  Now the question is, will they survive the heat?  I'm going away for a few days, so early this morning I watered everything thoroughly.

Since I've cut out my forsythia, I now have more room to play with, so yesterday I laid down some new soil in front of my garden bench, moved my overcrowded dianthus into it, then put in some (annual) baby's breath seedlings and some sunflower seeds.  We'll see what survives.

This morning, realizing my raised bed wasn't getting full sun, now that my trees have leafed out, I trimmed back a few maple branches hanging over it.

Yesterday, I also bought five new flagstones to mark the path I usually take between all my perennials.  Rather than just compacting the ground there, I'll soon make it look like a real path by laying down some pea gravel between the flagstones.

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