Friday, May 15, 2009

Hoping for No Frost

Despite the advice I give customers at Skillin's, I'm gambling that there's not going to be any frost from here on out, so I put out some of my tender annuals.  I installed two window boxes on the sides of my picket fence (as shown), which are filled with cascading lobelia, sweet peas, and morning glories, the latter two of which will hopefully run along the fence and make a nice late-summer bloom.

Evening Post-Script:  upon Mike Skillin's advice (see comments), I put in my cukes, cantelope, zinnias, hibiscus, iberis (candy tuft), campanula chimney, and more snapdragons.

Other evening observations:  my two clematis (one paniculata and the other a niobe) have both grown at least a foot.  My lilacs are starting to open, and I can smell the first of their wonderful scents.  The leaves of my new grape vine are just starting to unfurl as well.

I also put in some nicotiana and bachelor buttons, and threw down some corn poppy seeds.

My irises are about ready to open.  A number of the best ones came with the house, so I take no credit for them.  Probably this year, I'll divide them and spread them around, as they are getting somewhat crowded.

My poeticus narcissus (all three of them) are open.  They aren't in the sunniest spot, but they add a nice touch alongside the front steps.

Finally, a nice shot of red tulips growing out of my creeping phlox and through my roses.  The color contrasts are wonderful (at least in real life).


  1. This is beautiful. I have never tried to plant them here because I
    quite often have deer in the backyard. I'm afraid they might learn to like quite a few of my fvorite flowers.

    I'm enjoying your blogs very much! Keep 'em coming. I'm sure you have numerous readers who appreciate you.


  2. Thanks BG! It's nice to know I have readers, and I'm glad you're enjoying my garden.


  3. David, I think that Portland and Coastal Gardeners are pretty safe from frost at this point so I think your gamble is quite reasonable. I have been telling people to prepare to cover or bring something in if we are wrong about what I just said--also be careful of high winds that could burn tender plants. But basically for Portland and the Coast, full speed ahead if your plants have been hardened off!