Monday, May 4, 2009

A new cherry; bloomings and fadings

I planted a new cherry tree where I pulled out my previous one, replacing a dwarf tree (North Star) with a sweeter self-pollinator (Lapin).   

My peach tree is now beginning to flower, as is my creeping phlox.  

I also planted asparagus plants (two-year-old bare root plants).  I have never liked asparagus (can't even stand the smell of them cooking), but my wife and daughter love them, so in they go. My hope is that fresh asparagus will taste and smell differently from the store-bought kind.

My cucumbers and cantelope have germinated in the basement.  It'll be another month before they go out.

Most of my daffodils have gone by, except for my narcissus poeticus in a somewhat shadier bed.  They haven't even opened yet.

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