Monday, May 11, 2009

Annual Plantings; Transplanting; Harvesting; Growth Update; Nuisances

Annual plantings:

  • nicotiana (in my new planter)
  • ten strawberry plants that I finally got from Pinetree (around the grape vine)
  • nasturtiums (that should grow up my lilacs, rose bushes, grape vine, and peach tree)
  • black-eyed susan vine (that should grow up my the length of my picket fence)

Transplanting:  I moved a tricyrtis (toad lilly) from a shady corner of my front yard into my new planter.

Harvesting:  In keeping with yesterday, Sage ate lettuce straight from the raised bed.

Growth update:  

  • Most of the hollyhocks that I put in on 4/28 seem to have survived.  
  • My cherry tree is blossoming, though it's certainly not as prolific as a mature tree, or especially an ornamental one.  
  • My irises have formed flower heads.
  • The Joe-Pye Weed that I moved on 4/28 away from my new cherry tree has recovered.
  • The species tulips are just about to open, though there are fewer of them than I expected.
  • The gladiolas I planted on 4/9 are now about four inches high.
  • The liriope (lilyturf) are re-shooting.
  • To my surprise, my buddleia (butterfly bush) have made it through the winter and are full of green leaves.
  • I had to stake my first plant of the season, an allium that kept falling over.  (It may have snapped its stem.)
  • The columbines are about to open.
  • I have liatris coming up all over the garden; it's now about four inches tall.

Nuisances:  I am finding more grubs this year than last, so I guess it's time to re-apply the Milky Spore.  And there are little oak shoots all over the place still that I keep digging out.

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