Monday, May 18, 2009

SummerSweet, Lamium, Frost

Sage and I went to Skillin's today and picked up a few plants:  some lobelia, sweet alyssum and Skillin's Special tomatoes that I'm putting in the cold frame overnight (to protect from any potential frost), a few lamium (dead nettle) for my shade planter, and one lunaria (money plant) from my front yard. (I have a number of money plants growing, but nothing about to flower, so I wanted some color in that spot).  I also got a Summer Sweet bush (clethra) and this evening (until it was getting too dark to work outside) ripped out my ugly forsythia and put the Summer Sweet more or less in the same spot.  It's a much nicer plant, should behave a little better, and will provide great late summer fragrance and attract pollinators.

I'm doing nothing special for the potential frost tonight (other than what I mentioned above).

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