Sunday, May 31, 2009

Impatiens, Pea Gravel

This evening, after a busy two days at Skillin's, I had a few moments to garden:  I put four flats of impatiens in around my new summersweet, where the forsythia used to be.  I also pulled out my flagstones to make my garden path all pea gravel, so that it's a bit more child-friendly, as Sage and the neighborhood kids sometimes like to walk through my garden, but couldn't take steps big enough to reach each flagstone.

Yesterday Sage and I picked up our two rain barrels from the Portland Water District.  Now I need to install them and figure out to camouflage the one in the front.


  1. Hi there....Please let us know how your rain barrel works out!

    Michelle Clements
    Public Relations Manager
    Portland Water District

  2. Michelle:

    Thanks for organizing this program. I'm very excited about my rain barrels, as is my daughter.

    I'll post a photo of them when I get them hooked up.