Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vacation Update

I got back from Cambridge this afternoon to find my garden lush but dry.  I did some immediate watering of my whole garden.  After dinner, I did some accounting:

  • Veggie growth:  my potatoes have finally surfaced.  Soon enough, I will hill them to encourage them to produce more potatoes.  Indeed, my entire raised bed looked healthy, with everything seemingly about an inch taller.  (When I watered it before I left, I added some seaweed fertilizer to my watering can.)
  • Flower growth:  baptisia are about three feet tall; summersweet seems to have survived the transplant; 1 hesperis (dame's rocket) about 18 inches tall, others about a foot; grape leaves look open and full; roses look healthy and green; clematis are thriving.
  • In bloom:  columbine, some late snowdrops (or something), spanish bluebells, ratibida, a few irises (one which broke), one lupine, flax, and speedwell.
  • Producing flowers:  salvias, oriental poppies, chives, yarrow, and verbascum.
  • Gone by:  strawberries (planted last year); all my tulips have lost their lustre, though they have all turned a deep rich purple that's a very attractive death.
  • Where'd they go?  So far, no sign of my shasta daisies, and one of my russian sages failed to produce much growth this year.  The shasta daisies are especially confusing.
  • Damn!  Got my first mosquito bite of the year.  Already!?!

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