Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tulips open; potting, murderous squirrels

Today I potted my sweet william together with basil (though I won't put the pot out til after Memorial Day.  It's still in the basement.)  Then I potted up my annual baby's breath into little yogurt containers.  I also started my cantelope and cucumber from seed.

Some f***ing squirrel decided to bite the flowers off of six of my tulips, just when they were about to open.  It's a depressing site, especially since the squirrel didn't even eat anything.

Some eye candy for you:


  1. David and Sage,

    Sorry about the squirrel; I really am. I love tulips, I really do BUT daffodils seem less of a favorite for animals AND I have really grown to appreciate their bright yellow and whites over the years.

  2. Thanks, Mike. I know squirrels will do that, but it's always so upsetting. Maybe if the rodent actually ate the tulips, I wouldn't be so bummed. But it feels like deliberate vandalism.

    I have quite a few daffodils in the garden, too, but the color range just isn't as good.

  3. Next thing you know they'll be tagging the fence!