Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Managing the Rainstorm

As local readers will know, it's been raining steadily since late last night, with rain heavy overnight and this morning.  Here's what I did today to try to manage it:  this morning, after the heaviest rain had abated, I removed the yogurt containers from my brussel sprouts, since they needed the light more than they didn't need the rain.  This evening, I removed the storm door and portable greenhouse from my raised bed, and used the greenhouse to cover the brussel sprouts.  I'll leave it there (unzipping the cover on warm days, covering up in late afternoon) until the threat of frost is over.  In case you're interested, my greenhouse is called a Seedhouse, available here and a number of other places.)

Assessing the rest of my garden:  everything seems to have fared well, though my daffodils are a bit droopy from the weight of water.  Hopefully they will spring back in the sunshine.  I also took a quick perusal of my flower garden, and saw a number of new shoots emerging from the ground, including my sages, baby's breath, liatris, and things I can't yet identify.  (I do have a "map" of my garden that I regularly update, so I'll have to consult it to figure out what's coming up.)

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