Saturday, April 25, 2009

Strawberries and more seed-starting, both indoors and outdoors

Upon Mike Skillin's advice, I planted my bare-root strawberries (which seems a bit early to me), then watered them in with a diluted fish/seaweed fertilizer.

In my penultimate round of seed-starting, I started more morning glories and some nicotiana (a bit late, but I remembered how much I enjoyed them last year).  All that I have left are cukes and cantelope to start.

Today was one of those beautiful Spring days that makes you do foolish things, so I took a risk and directly planted seeds outdoors:  hesperis (Dame's Rocket), gaura, and annual baby's breath, then watered the entire garden.  The seeds were all leftovers from last year's plantings, so there will be no tears shed if they don't make it.

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  1. I've heard about dame's rocket, but I've never have seem them I don't think. I'm glad you planted the morning glories - they are so pretty. I posted some of my still life morning glories on my blog today. Come by and "smell the flowers" at