Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hyacinths, lilac runners, sprouts, beets

My white hyacinth are opening nicely, and the tete-a-tetes make a nice backdrop.

Sprouting news:  my baby's breath, sweet peas, bachelor buttons, sweet alyssum, and soapwort have all emerged.

This morning, while the weather holds, Sage and I moved some plants around to make a place to grow cantelope in the back yard.  We also planted some beet seeds, which I'll cover soon to keep them warm enough.  

Sage also watched me dig up some of the lilac runners and move them about the garden:  I wanted to get rid of them anyway (to promote the vertical growth of my three-year-old bushes), and decided I would try to just replant the runners I cut.  I've heard it works; just hope I did it right.

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