Thursday, July 1, 2010

Moving Stuff Around

A little weeding in the garden turned into a large project of moving plants around, continuing the re-arranging that I did yesterday.  My two hibiscus plants were doing fine, but could have used more sun, so up and out they came, and in they went.  (Deep roots!) My three platycodon (balloon flower) were getting lost behind the gladiolas which are now fully up (though not open), so I moved them to underneath the cherry tree.  And I moved all my salvias from in front of my steps to a circle around the peach tree, which left an empty spot that I filled with three blue fescues, divided in half with a pull saw, much to my daughter's delight.(Those bamboo stakes?  They are to hold up the branches laden with peaches.)  

I pulled up as much of the verbascum that I could find.  It's a beautiful plant, but it sure crowds everything else out if you let it spread.

Rudbeckia are starting to open.  They always look so nice next to the echinacea.

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