Tuesday, July 6, 2010

pruning and watering

Another 90-degree day here:  I watered three times today.  Thank you, Portland Water Dept for offering inexpensive rain barrels last year.  I have yet to use the tap, even in this hot dry spell.

Three maintenance tasks accomplished this evening, when it got a little cooler.  I propped up some of the limbs of my peach tree some more, with branches I pruned off of an oak tree a few weeks ago.  My daughter was fascinated with the process.  ("You're propping up a tree with a tree, daddy!").  I pruned my roses, now that they're done blooming.  It was just a light pruning, as they are still young plants, but I just snipped off some of the lateral shoots that were sticking out onto the sidewalk.  This'll bring more light and air into the garden as well.  Finally, I sprayed my fruit trees (peach and cherry) and my grape vine to get rid of those blasted Japanese beetles.  At least for now.

New bloom report: monarda (bee balm), allium sphaerocephalum, rudbeckia, platycodon, and buddleia.  My taller daylilies have also opened (as opposed to the stella d'oros), my perennial bachelor buttons have rebloomed, and my gayfeathers and gladiola are starting to open.

Some pix:

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