Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Grape trellis

A beautiful summer day in Maine today (low 70s, low humidity) got me out in the garden, though I needed no excuse.  I got the idea (from a walk with my daughter yesterday evening) to string up my grape vine with green wire (see below), so that it has some sort of trellis to grow on, rather than just a post.  

I also moved a few plants around (two hydrangeas that were wilting in too much sun, and about 8 small liriope plants that were lost in a corner).  In the past few days, I've also been starting perennials from seed, planning for next year's garden.  (They go in in the fall, give me blooms next year.)  See below.My echinacea (below) and black-eyed susans are opening up. I've also had a buddleia (butterfly bush) and some of my russian sage (perovskia) start to bloom.

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