Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back to the Garden; Fall bulb order

I've been home alone with my 5-year-old for the past week, so I haven't had much chance to get into the garden.  Fortunately it didn't need watering, what with all the overdue rain we've had lately.

Today I got a break from childcare duties, so I spent a few hours catching up on the garden.  I pulled up most of my grape hyacinth foliage, and replaced it with some blue-eyed verbena.  Very pretty.  I also realized my baby's breath was being crowded out by a lot of liatris along my front fence, so I moved my four plants to a bare spot on the sunny side of my peach tree.  They are almost in bloom, so it's not the best time to move them, but let's hope I treated them with tlc.  My neighbor gave me some morning glories she started, and I planted them so that they climb my grape vine and through my rose bushes.  Finally, I staked my pepper and tomato plants.

My Sea-Foam roses have finally opened. After three years establishing themselves, they are repaying my efforts in many lovely white/pink blossoms.  Wonderful.

A few days ago, I put in my order for Fall bulbs.  I usually assess my Spring blooms as they come up, to see what holes in the garden need filling, so by the time the bulb catalogs come, I'm ready with my order.  Here's what I'm looking forward to planting this Fall:

I didn't have the best of luck growing tete-a-tete narcissus in one spot in my garden, so this Fall I'm going to re-work the soil there and plant 50 iris reticulata (little guys).

I had one Blue Magic Dutch iris come up this year in my parking strip. I guess I planted more there, but I'm going to plant 100 of them underneath my front window.

50 Little Beauty tulips (a species tulip). I loved this year's blooms, but I only had 20 or so)

Around those tulips, I'll plant 100 allium ostrowskianum.  Say that three times fast.

My allium spaerocephalum looked wonderful for a short while, so I'll plant 100 more in front of my window.

20 Red Impression Tulips (Darwin hybrids) to go along my front fence.

I love allium bulgaricum, and ordered 20 more.

Finally, I plan on planting three Bowl of Beauty herbacious peonies in various sunny blank spots in the garden.  (Well, I'll have to make some blank spots.) 


  1. Wow, David the garden looks great! I just love the way you crowd it all it. Beautiful. Hey let me know if you ever want to go in on bulb order. I get catalogs for wholesale prices and if we combine we could save some $.
    I love blue flowers too. Can't get enough of them.
    Do you ever grown german bearded iris? I have some that are a stunning dark, dark purple. Happy to share a rizome or two. :D Mihku

  2. Big D,
    hey there, love the blog! hey, it's totally cool if you're otherwise doing something, but are u interested in working sunday this weekend, the 26th i think it is. i could Not switch and work your saturday day, so i don't know if you'd wanna work the Whole weekend, so anyway it's allright if it doesnt work, but just thought i'd check. hope all's well, keep up the great blog man! the tulips look awesome!