Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Hygiene

October 21 and my Fall garden is still going strong.  As you can see from the photos below, I have lots of purples and reds in my garden, both from flowers and foliage.  

I did quite a bit of cleanup today, pulling a lot of the annuals that have stopped flowering, especially the verbena, cosmos, zinnias and petunias, though quite a few of them are still have lots of buds on them and haven't suffered from frost damage yet.  My compost bins are now filled to the brim, and I still have so much more green material to pull out of the ground before the season is over, so I don't know what I'll do.

I also decided to do a little more moving of plants today, taking my perennial grasses out of their pots and putting them into the ground, and moving a bunch of (dis-)obedient plant to the parking strip, where I don't care how aggressive it it.  (Let it try to compete with the yarrow!)


  1. Big D,
    What the heck kInd of entry title is that brother? If u say ur compost bins are jam-packed, then it should be called 'Big D is full o' ****!'
    -jumpin' Joe

  2. Since when is compost ****? Compost is the earth's gift back to the gardener. And it's free. Thank you worms, bugs, and microbes, for turning my kitchen scraps and garden waste back into lovely rich soil!

  3. Big D~
    regardless, can we agree on the conclusion that Big D is full o' ****? Anyhow, let's crank out a new entry baby - ur burgeoning fan-base is waiting with baited breath for da latest fall developments! Get on da (broom) stick, Big D!