Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Still no frost; garden clean-up

Still no hard frost here, which is bizarre.  Last night was the first close call, but my cosmos, snapdragons and nicotiana are still producing buds.  I now have a 7-foot cosmos blooming in the middle of my peach tree, which makes it look like the peach tree is blooming.  My mums are doing great, and I still have some Russian sage and black-eyed susans in bloom.  

Today was a clean-up day:  I sucked up two bags of leaves (mostly oak) in my electric leaf blower and composted them, one straight into the bin, the other I turned over into my raised bed to let it break down over time.  I also pulled all the leaves of my irises and day-lilies, and cut down my asters and (dis-)obedient plants, which I should have done sooner since they've gone to seed.


  1. Wow! You've been lucky to not be hit by frost. We woke up to everything covered with frost again this morning. I just purchased a leaf blower/shredder that should be here by this weekend. I am looking forward to composting my leaves.

  2. Every time I cruise through Portland, I'm astonished that things are still growing. We've been frosted out here near Sebago Lake, but good, and repeatedly.

    Enjoy the last of the season...