Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May revise

We've had lots of rain recently, which has made weeding easier.  I'm now done with teaching for the semester, so I've had more time to spend in the garden.   So there's lots to report:

Veggies:  I've already harvested some (greenhouse-grown)  lettuce.  My spinach and kale are up and doing well.  I've  put in my summer crops, including tomatoes, celery, cukes, green beans and corn (new this year).  Also planted my potatoes, and put in a new "batch" of asparagus bare-root plants -- which necessitated clearing out a raised bed in the back yard previously dedicated to ornamentals.  It gets more sun now than when I built it, so I moved some shade-friendly plants (sweet woodruff, geranium, and ligularia) to more dappled spots in the front garden.

Flowers:  Moved my perennial bachelor buttons to the sidewalk strip, as they take up a lot of room and tended to overwhelm the area where they were.  Last fall I ripped out a lot of the yarrow in the sidewalk strip (it'll come back, alas), and created lots of space to put in a greater variety of plants.  So along with the bachelor buttons there's now a lot of lupine, day lilies, gayfeather, rudbeckia, and some others I'll identify later in the year.

Seeding:  I put in a lot of sunflower seeds here and there -- 5-6 foot giants.  We'll see how they do, and the squirrels have tended to find most of them in the past.

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