Sunday, May 30, 2010


Geez, another nice compliment.  While I was out spraying my lupine for aphids (again) this evening, a gentleman walking by stopped and said: "this is the most beautiful garden I've ever seen in my entire life."  

People, you need to get out more.

Today I ran out of water in my rain barrels, and had to use the tap.  Damn do we need rain!

I planted a few delphiniums in the spot where I pulled up my loosestrife (which still keeps popping up, though I've yanked out most of the roots).  There are a few sunflowers started in that same area, so there should be some tall stuff later this summer.

I also sowed more seeds here and there: more nicotiana, zinnias and cosmos, and some cleome. 

I've been pulling yellowed tulips and hyacinth lately.

Picked my first strawberry of the season.  Sage got to eat it, and said it was great.

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