Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring is definitely here early.  I came home from a weekend in Cambridge (MA) to find that a few of my crocuses are now open (as well as snowdrops). I removed the leaf mulch around them so that they don't rot under the moist leaves.  Last year my crocuses opened on March 25, so Spring is nearly three weeks early.  While I love the early flowering, I'm not a big fan of climate change, so I hope this isn't any kind of harbinger.

I had planned on starting my first seeds (under lights) on the 15th, but perhaps I'll start early this year.


  1. Good to see an update from a fellow Maine gardner. No crocus here yet, but I was pleased to see once the snow melted that some spinach overwintered and is actually growing in this unusually warm weather we are experiencing.

  2. Spinach is really hardy that way!