Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weeding, Planting, Moving, Enjoying

In between the morning rain and the evening rain, I got the chance to do some cleaning up and planting this afternoon.  

In a case of "do as I say, not as I do," I moved a balloon flower and a veronica spicata from locations hidden under over-grown flowers (a butterfly bush and some bee balm, respectively) into other parts of the garden where they'd be more prominent.  Yes, they were in bloom, which is the worst time to transplant, so I hope I haven't done any long-term damage.

I cut back all of my baptisia, which has pretty foliage in its own right, but droops over everything nearby.  It was shading out my emerging gladiolas.

I sewed some more corn poppies in hopes for a late-summer bloom.  I also started some purple coneflower in flats from seed.  (The echinacea I have now is off-white, and it looks very pale next to my black-eyed susans.)

With plants that were going to be discarded anyway, I cleaned up and planted what I could of some verbena and petunias, filling empty spaces in my garden.

I did a ton of weeding.  All this rain has been great for the grass that just won't go away from my front yard.  (I'm the only one in my neighborhood who considers grass a weed.)

And now some pix:  my gladiolas are just starting to open, and my daylilies had their best day yet.

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  1. Spectacular daylilies David! I bet you did not have to do any weeding under those daylilies. They are terrific!