Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back from Vacation

Three days ago I got back from a two-week vacation (to Alaska), and my garden reflected the neglect.  Fortunately, we got lots of rain (so I heard), so things seemed to have survived well enough (more on that later), but I came home to a radically different garden than the one I left.  After two days of recovery, I was able to get into the garden this afternoon.  In short, things were either weedy, eaten up, and newly in bloom.    

Bloom report:
Here's what I found in bloom:

Daylilies, one corn poppy, allium sphaerocephalon, baby's breath, foxglove, nicotiana, columbine, gaillardia, butterfly bush, rudbeckia, yarrow, coneflower, lobelia, snapdragons, california poppies, white phlox, a few cosmos, lupine, russian sage, flax, petunias, impatiens, salvia, loosestrife, veronica, campanula glomerata, some liatris.  

Harvest time:
My blueberries were ripe, and we feasted on those.  My lettuce is still prolific, and my daughter ended up eating mostly that for breakfast yesterday.

The Japanese beetles are out, and aphids chewed up much of my snap peas, so this evening I sprayed a pyrethrum-based spray on all my veggies and fruits (and my one or two hollyhocks).  Let's hope that does the trick.

I pulled out the last of my daffodil foliage and my allium bulgaricum, and cut back my very bushy baptisia and my ox-eye daisies, which sent their seeds everywhere as I pruned.

I assessed where I needed to fill in some holes in the garden, and planted some annuals:   more nicotiana, some petunias, calibrachoa (superbells), cosmos, and osteospermum.  I watered all the new plantings with a diluted seaweed solution.

General maintenance:
I moved around a few daylilies, strawberries, and one liatris, to put in a new stone-gravel path around the back of my garden, which was hard to get to.  I also had to stake a few tall plants and tie my grape vine up to its post, as it had fallen off.

I'll post some new photos in the next day or  two when I get a chance.

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