Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daylilies, California poppies, rain damage assessment

Southern Maine gardens took a beating over the last few days, with 1-2 inches of rain on Friday.  Today I assessed the damage, and don't feel too bad.  In fact, my garden has transformed itself from predominantly blues and purples to an abundance of yellows, thanks to daylilies and California poppies opening.  Here are some photos from this morning:

One of my two deck planters, with impatiens and sweet alyssum.
The impatiens have loved the rain.

My honeysuckle

My foxglove are still blooming. Unlike my usual habits, I bought these in bloom for a baby shower a month ago, and they've lasted quite well.

The first of my daylilies opened two days ago.
Now I have about a dozen in bloom.

My ox-eye daisies have mostly flopped over.
Here they are growing among "May Night" sage.

My niobe (I think) clematis has opened, though with only two flowers on it.  
(It's only two years old.)

My favorites:  California poppies.

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  1. David, I do believe that clematis to be a niobe. I have had one now for several years and it has grown steadily. That dark wine red color is just beautiful. Enjoy!