Friday, June 26, 2009

Fothergilla, Snap Peas, Starting new seeds

It was nice to be able to get outside into the garden the last two days, though it looks like more rain is forecast for this weekend.  I finally had the opportunity to plant the fothergilla that I got for Father's Day, thanks to my generous mother-in-law.   

With all the rain, this is starting out to be a good year for lettuce and (so far) not so good for my warm-weather crops (tomatoes, cukes, peppers, squashes).  But Sage and I found about 10 sugar snap peas ready to harvest yesterday, and Sage ate them without them greedily.  

Assessing the weak points of my garden, I started some more perennials from seed, most of it leftover seed I didn't start this winter:  oriental poppies, columbines, shasta daisies (the ones in the garden never came up), verbena, verbascum, foxglove, and chocolate flower.  They are in flats in the back yard.

I pulled out the spinach from my raised bed:  it had stopped producing, and had bolted (flowered).

Speaking of the raised bed:  another of its benefits is that it hasn't been attacked by slugs, which, given all the rain, have been prolific this year.

New openings:  gaillardia, roses, helenium, tansy (I like the photo below of the tansy blooming right next to my ox-eye daisies), and one unidentified flower blooming where I don't remember planting it (see photo below).  I'll have to look it up in my Taylor's Guide to figure it out, but feel free to identify it in the comments.


  1. D,
    I might b crazy, but is that UFB (unidentified, flowering beauty) a rose?
    ~Jumpin' Joe

  2. You're not crazy: the top photo is a rose, but I meant the lower of the three.

  3. Did you identify the yellow flower in the bottom picture. I had one appear in my garden last week and I have no idea what it is. Tall with an approx. 1 inch diameter yellow bloom. Possibly a weed? I really like it so think I will start feeding it.


  4. No, I never did figure out what this is!