Tuesday, June 5, 2012

After the Deluge

Since Saturday, Portland has been inundated with rain, some 6+ inches.  (An inch of rain is a foot of snow, goes the old saying:  imagine!)  Today it finally abated enough to allow me to get out into the garden, which was perfectly moist for weeding and transplanting.  So I planted some bush tomatoes, sweet peppers, and an herb pot of mint, basil and rosemary.  I also moved my Russian sage out from underneath the now-larger shrub rose, and underneath the front window.  Likewise, my Roseanne geranium was getting shaded out by my grape vine and strawberry patch, so I moved it to a sunnier spot.  I moved some peonies around so that they're now clustered in one area, rather than here and there around the garden.  Finally, there is always the job of discovering rudbeckia and liatris that pops up out of nowhere.

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