Friday, April 29, 2011

another greenhouse lesson

I've learned that seeds don't sprout so well in my greenhouse this time of year. I should have known. None of my morning glories, cukes, zucchini, melons, basil or parsley sprouted in the greenhouse on their own, so a few days ago I brought them back inside and put them under my grow lights, swapping places with all the annuals that I've already sprouted. Now everything's fine, though only two of 10 morning glories have sprouted. I'll have to start another batch.


  1. A seed mat, while using a tiny bit of electricity, is a great way to get germination on summer seeds. The mat is heated to about 70 degrees, which means the soil above it is about 65 degrees, 24 hours a day. Especially if you have a lid on your sprouting container, it's not a bad route to take.

    Just found your blog - look forward to reading more!

  2. Yes, a seed mat works wonders. I have one in the basement that I use from time to time, but my greenhouse lacks electricity.

    Glad you found my blog.