Thursday, April 15, 2010

Putting Down Seeds

Sowed a number of mid-spring crops in my raised bed in the back yard and around my front garden:

Bok choy, pak choi and chard in my front garden, in a new bed I created with new organic soil last Fall. Currently there are chiondoxa blooming in it, to be followed soon by saxatilis tulips, which should fade about the point the veggies should be up.  I'll follow those with summer veggies: tomatoes, etc.  So the plan this year is to plant more veggies in the front garden, mixed in with the flowers.

With that in mind, I mixed some leeks in with my various alliums, so that they'll more or less blend right in.

In my raised bed I planted three types of carrots (baby, danvers and purple), a mesclun mix, beets, and endive. That bed is full, until it's time to pull up the cold crops and plant the mid-summer ones.

I also bought some yukon gold and pontiac red potatoes, which I'll cut this evening and let “cure” for a day or two before planting around the yard.

Finally, I planted 24 purple gladiolas beneath our front window.

In Bloom:
Muscari, daffodils, anemone and chiondoxa.
A whole bed of hyacinths (white and purple) are stunning and smell heavenly.
My first tulip head has turned color (a nice yellow).  
My cherry tree has produced its first blossoms.

Winter losses:
1 Russian Sage (I've lost one every year)
1 creeping phlox that didn't transplant well (I divided a few, but only three survived)
1 hydrangea
2 hibiscus (probably planted too late last year to get a good start before Winter)
1 blueberry bush is barely budding
My Summersweet looks dead, but they're late starters, so I'm not worried about it yet.
All my clematis survived, though they probably won't bloom this year as they are all producing new wood (and they're the bloom-on-old-wood kind).

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