Thursday, August 27, 2009

photo op; hydrangeas; pulling out plants

I was visited this morning by a new friend, Anna, a photographer, who took pictures of Sage and me in the garden for a show she is putting together (her website doesn't have anything up yet about the project, but she has some other fine projects there).  Sage had a great time playing  Easter egg hunt among the flowers (a ruse so that Anna could take photos), and I hope she got some great shots.  Since it's moving time in my garden, I was happy to bequeath my loosestrife and some of my (dis-)obedient plant to her, as they tend to take over a garden.  The obedient plant is especially beautiful, but very aggressive.

In place of the loosestrife I planted one of the two hydrangeas I picked up the other day, and put the other symmetrically balanced at the other end of the garden.  One will get more sun than the other, so I'll see how they comparatively do.

One plant I'll be pulling out soon is my grapevine, as it's too much of a japanese beetle magnet, and I don't want to be spraying my garden that often to control them, even if the spray was organic.  It's not worth the effort, and the squirrels and/or chipmunks ate the grapes anyway.  I'll probably replace it with some clematis.

Finally, in anticipation of this weekend's rain I installed the second of my two rain barrels.  It's a piece of cake once you know what you're doing.

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