Monday, March 30, 2009

Filling the Raised Bed

Finished adding soil to the raised bed, and plant the two peas that Sage started in a peat pot two weeks ago. Then planted out the lettuce that I had in yoghurt containers under grow lights.
Put two pansy flats in pots on the front porch. Planted my peas, carrots, spinach, and mesclun mix in the raised bed – in the rain.


  1. Big D,
    I was wonderin' if u could tell a tale o' this grow light (I guess where u started da lettuce & some other stuff too). It's jus' a regular florescent light? Hard to rig up? If I'm gonna spend 200 bucks on a light set-up it better be 'da light o' my life'!

  2. You can use regular household flourescent lights as grow lights. They have the spectrum of light which plants need to start with. The key to grow lights is rigging them up so that they are close enough to the seed trays, so that the seedlings don't get too leggy. I bought a shoplight from a hardware store, which is suspended from a chain, so that I could adjust it to the right height.